About Us

Brookline High School Model United Nations (BHSMUN) was formed over 10 years ago by dedicated, internationally minded BHS students who were interested in forming a club to further explore the pressing issues of their time.

Over a decade later, this spirit lives on in one of the largest and most active clubs in the high school. In this settings, students (known as delegates) participate in simulations of the real life United Nations as they work to develop and exercise their skills in international diplomacy. The 2015-2016 club was the most decorated group of students in the history of the high school, having by the end of the year collectively won over 50 awards from prestigious conferences around the globe.

Ranging from BHS’s homefield advantage conference of MITMUNC to the truly international experience offered to our delegates at BERMUN in Berlin, Germany, members of this club are given the opportunity to develop their debate skills in a variety of historic environments. This year the club plans to attend a minimum of five conferences.

This year the club is led by Secretary Generals Renata Shen and Simon Grossman, alongside Undersecretary Generals Anay Saraf and Oliver Fox.  Advising the student leaders is returning BHS faculty member Mr. Gronlund-Jacob. Together, this 2019-2020 BHSMUN Board is dedicated to ensuring that this coming year will be the most enjoyable and successful year in the history of Brookline High School!

Contact Us

If you have any questions or you would like to contact us for another reason, please use our club email address. Unfortunately, we do not provide the email addresses of individual members of the BHSMUN secretariat by club policy. Rest assured that we check our inbox daily and will respond to you in a timely manner.


BHSMUN Secretariat

It wouldn’t be possible to run a club such as Brookline High School Model UN without our truly amazing team of elected officials. You can get to know them below:

Renata Shen
Secretary General

Renata has participated in various iterations of Brookline Model U.N. and is siked for her first run as Sec Gen! When she’s not talking loudly in debate, she’s talking loudly on stage as an actor (come see Hamlet!) and Co-Captain of comedy troupe Needs Improvment. Renata also heads News Breaking and Longform at the Sagamore, and is currently restarting the podcast Dialog(ue). She would like to thank her management, agent, and family, but most importantly, her visionary mentor bestdelegate.com

Simon Grossman
Secretary General

Simon has been participating in Model UN since 7th grade at the Park School, although he previously attended Pierce. When not in debate, you can find him running with the Cross Country team, acting in a play, or playing Jazz and Rock music on his viola.

Anay Saraf
Under-Secretary General

Anay enjoys quirky tie knots, unexpected assassinations, and fast-paced debate in Model UN. He joined the club as a sophomore and has been an active member for two years. Outside of debate, Anay can be found competing on a soccer pitch, playing the violin, or drawing commission portraits. 

Oliver Fox
Under-Secretary General

Oliver started Model UN as a freshman and has been actively involved in the club for about 2 years. He maintains an unwavering interest in history and other social studies, and looks forward to improving his skills in those fields, specifically through Model UN. Oliver also enjoys watching and playing numerous sports, hiking mountains in New Hampshire, and singing in and outside of BHS in a variety of groups.

Elliot Pertel
Ari Newell
Lauren Liang