Club Updates 12/5

Hey there BHSMUN team!

I’d like to start off by congratulating our 7 members that just returned from Rutgers on a successful first conference of the year! On top of that, our own Secretary-General Caroline Ericsson brought back an award, breaking the “curse” that afflicted us last time we went there.

Moving forward, there is a lot to look forward to in the Model UN world of BHS. Firstly, go over the the conferences section of the website to sign up for MITMUNC! This is a club favorite as it is close, cheap, and fun, and we usually send a large delegation. This is an especially good conference for any new members of the club, and we encourage anyone and everyone who is interested to sign up, so don’t delay!

Also, as was mentioned in the last email, we will be starting a new topic tomorrow! Many countries remain unclaimed, so head over to the link on the bottom of the background guide to choose your position!

The link to the background guide can be found on our homepage, but if you want to go right now (which I know you do), here it is:

See you all tomorrow, and here’s to a great new debate topic!

Simon Grossman, BHSMUN Secretary-General 2018-2019

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