Welcome to BHSMUN!

Welcome everyone to a brand new year of Brookline High School Model UN! We have a full, fun-filled year ahead of us, with a number of overnight conferences, as well as a few one days. For all of you new to Model UN at BHS, welcome! This website will hopefully serve a resource to give you all information in-between our weekly X-Block meetings, so you should try to check it every once in a while. If you are new to Model UN, and want to get a head start on learning how to debate (by no means a requirement), we have a number of documents to help you get started, that can be found under the resources section This website is also how you can sign up for the many conferences that we will be attending! In order to do that, you will need to make an account, which will also give you the opportunity to opt in for notification emails whenever we post on the website, so you should do that once you finish reading this post.

Model UN is a wonderful program, and all of us on the Secretariat have had different but incredible experiences with it in the past. Whether you have been to no conferences or a hundred, whether you have given speeches to thousands or if you are nervous to speak in class, know that you are welcome in this club, and we will do all that we can to support you. The Model UN community is a really great one, and will help you to achieve your own personal goals, whatever they may be.

Finally, some logistical notes. We meet every Thursday X-Block in room 385. Every member is strongly encouraged to come to these meetings, and preference for who will attend conferences will go towards people who are committed to the club enough to come to all the meetings they are able to. Not only that, but meetings are fun! We will go over debate strategies, plan club events (like the conference that we run every year, BrookMUN!), and, most often, we will engage in practice debates, run by one of our three incredible chairs.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to the beginning of a MUNderful year!

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